Monster Job Search App Reviews

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This is an awesome app and very easy to use! Thanks to Andrew as well for be a great supporter!

Amazing !!

Signed up one day next day 5 interviews! Thank you

Great app!

This app is easy to use and great because I can use it anywhere!

Very attractive app, super simple to use, & efficient

This is by far the best job search app that is out there. Using it and doing job searches are super simple.

Pretty decent

It does everything it is supposed to. However, I have not found the particular job that I want.

Tired of seeing uber

Your app was good until uber got on and posted under every possible job category. Example Become a über driver, instead of (whatever kind of job there is) This just makes your app pointless


Got interviews scheduled within hours of downloading this app. Instant email notifications that my resume was sent, and a follow up email after I applied for a job.

More Filters Please

The simplicity and ease of the app is a plus. However, without more filters, its hard to narrow down the jobs I want and/or qualify for. Also, no salary is posted on most jobs.


Amazing app love searching for jobs on here

Thumbs up

It works, got a call from a employer the first day I registered!


Doesnt work at all, repeats the jobs over and over. Doesnt give you any jobs in your area, and only Full-Time jobs. Should also be helpful to students who still are attending school. A Part-Time job would be great. This is only if your willing to work for a big business.

Best job search app

Ok Guys , my experience was definitely unexpected. It popped when I was browsing on my IG. And I Just decided to try by curiosity, by far I did not even imagine that my résumé (skills from other domains) can be used for what I actually wanted to do long ago. Fast forward I got interview requests within the hour starting the following day. Went For two today ( was called back for a second round in one of them), and I have 3others ahead. If this experience thought me one thing is " Do not underestimate what you know or thing you dont." I am super grateful for the opportunity! Thank you Jobr.

Does the Job (no pun intended)

Received an invite for an interview within an hour of applying to the first job I submitted. After the interview I realized that it wasnt the right job for me, but Jobr definitely does exactly what it says! Good stuff

Great App

Awesome app! Helped me within 24 hours of signing up

garbage app

useless filters (can only enter city, so it thinks Brooklyn and the Bronx are the same place). almost every job is from recruiters not the actual companies (and a lot are bait and switch just like real estate brokers). obnoxious stock photos on every listing. no quality control - I was looking for designer jobs and it showed me a listing TO BE AN UBER DRIVER. ayfkm? pulls all listing from other sites and then SIGNS YOU UP FOR EVERY WEBSITE THAT HAS A JOB YOU SWIPE RIGHT ON. yay now I will get emails from monster forever. oh and doesnt even notify you when you get a match. really amazing how much they got wrong with this app.


This is a phenomenal app! Its like Tinder for jobs!

Wont let me paste my resume

I have my resume Ive copied it. But says I have to have a third party app to download my resume. What ever happened to copying it and pasting it

Waste of time

App has horrible selection of jobs. Mostly low paying.

Cool but needs work!

Its like a Tinder of job hunting. I did a search but only 3 jobs not related to my field pop-out and after that only Lyft driving jobs came up one after another one until there was nothing else available. It needs work or more companies to sign up to this platform... Looking forward to see more of it, too pre-mature at the moment.

Mostly low level companies & pyramid scams

The app is just fine, my issue is with the actual companies who advertise here. They are for the most part really low level door to door sales job with a great descriptive description. I got an email less then an hour after applying. No legit company doe that. Be careful if its too good to be true, it probably is.

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