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Definitely Worth the Download!

I have owned every iPhone from the 4 on up, have used many apps throughout and never have I written a review; but never have I downloaded an app that had such a fast real-world impact on my life. I downloaded the app yesterday, filled in basic info, uploaded a resume and Ive already had 3 calls in less than 24 hours. I figured if Jobr could do that for me then I could actually write a review for a change. Thanks!


You cant even upload your resume. When you try to do it on your laptop, its not working either. The website just kept saying invalid email address....

Dont download this!

You will end up with a bunch of spam in your inbox, and will get signed up for hiring account you didnt want to!


this app is awful and sent an application to a job I didnt want nor was I qualified for on my behalf with out my permission

Unable to upload resume

Even after two updates I am STILL unable to upload my resume from One Drive.

Very poor at filtering the job you want

I think after 20 minutes of scrolling through the jobs, only 4 pertained to what was posted in the search bar. This app needs A LOT OF WORK. Not worth your time. Does not make job searching any easier.

Great app for job seekers

Simple effective and essential

Tinder for jobs

Easy to use app. Applying for jobs in a simple swipe is brilliant. Its like tinder, but for jobs!

Feels like Im on Tinder

While I feel like Im on Tinder for a job search the concept is interesting and jobs are relatively plentiful. However it would be wonderful if it would connect to my LinkedIn profile or give me other options for importing a resume.

Great app!

Great app really nice people who help you with all the FAQs and are there to make sure you get a job in your career path.


I highly recommend this application if youre looking for work. It was as simple as signing on, submitting my resume and swiping on job openings I found interesting and relevant. The next day I had 3 separate interviews lined up. Highly recommended if youre looking for work.


I will definitely recommend this app to friends.


The app is great overall. Just wishing less than 24 hours I already have jobs wanting to interview me. Definitely suggest this app!

great job selection

and good communication from the concierges


Concierge communication is great; however lets see when the employers respond

The Best, Hands Down :)))))))))))))))))

The best job search app in existence. Its so easy to use. Whoever came up with the Tinder-like swiping & matching concept should be crowned a genius. Swipe right to apply for the job and swipe left if youre not interested. Pure genius! Ive had 8 different companies request an interview with me after reviewing my résumé, and Ive only been using it for one day. I would give Jobr 6 stars if I could. 2 Enthusiastic Thumbs WAY UP!


This app is a great way to your next career!

Good app for finding a job

This app is really helping me in my job search.

If you have zero work experience, this is the app for you!

Even with filters I still was only shown Uber, Lyft, and entry-level healthcare jobs. Clearly a cash grab for sponsorship opportunities. You, the job seeker is not the of utmost importance to the Jobr folks. Just stick with Indeed.


This app took my resume and applied it to 3 other job search engines and started applying to jobs FOR ME!! Without my permission!!! Now my email is getting blown up by job apps that I didnt even apply for!!! DO NOT USE!!

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